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Hundertwasser’s ‘THE BIG WAY’ inspired Urine Separator/Diverter with Matching Modesty Bung

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This one off urine separator was inspired by the wonderfully creative New Zealand artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

‘The spiral is one of the great themes we always meet in Hundertwasser´s creations. For Hundertwasser, the spiral is a life symbol, developed from a tiny cell, growing slowly and organic, and finally into infinity. Organic, as growth rings, the windings of the large way follow one after another, in a color harmony, as only nature can create. Colours and shapes as music for eyes’.

The Ultimate Glitter Urine Separator/Diverter, a product for both males & females tried and tested by thousands all over the world!

This design has the following features:

All our separators are made with an anti-bacterial gel-coat, resin and fibreglass mix of our own creation, to ensure durability and hygiene at all times. This method and technique has been perfected by us, over years of experimentation, experience and hard work. The surface is extremely strong and resilient, has a complete wipe clean shiny surface without any heavy ridges or joins, and won’t stain as these types of products often do.

Comes with a lip all the way around the rim, this reduces the chance of urine flowing where it shouldn’t, and to ensure it fits just right under any standard toilet seat.

All products may contain slight blemished due to each separator being hand made to order, however this will never affect the function of the product.

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