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Modesty Bung – Exclusively fits Stumpet and Trollop Urine Separators/Diverters

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The Modesty Bung fits inside the back poop-chute part of the separator to hide the contents below. It is made from the base of the solids tank after it is cut off and so is slightly too big for the hole once the foam is added. Just place it on a slight forward slant and you’re good to go 🙂

The ‘Modestly’ Bung is purely designed for this, to cover the view of the contents of the solids tank in your Compost Toilet when not in use. We recommend that it is always removed when urinating, and insist that it is always removed when doing a number 2 😉

If bought by itself the Modesty Bung will be white but it may be possible to request a glitter colour if we have some spare. Please get in touch if you would like a different colour and I can check what we have 🙂

017567988181 or Cat@strumpetandtrollop.com

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