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The Ultimate and Original Rainbow Glitter Urine Separator/Diverter for Boats and Off-Grid Living

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Our Original Ultimate Urine Separators/Dividers are simply the best on the market we are so proud of this high quality product!! This fab Rainbow separator with matching modesty bung will leave you the talk of the town! (or Marina, campsite etc haha)

These fabulous original separators are perfect for your self contained and diverting compost toilet for your boat or narrowboat, RV, campervan or van, tiny house, outhouse or off-grid space. If you want to use a composting toilet rather than a flushable loo then this the perfect eco friendly option for the off grid dweller.  Every single one is hand made by us, Cat and Maria, at ‘Strumpet and Trollop’ with anti-bacterial gelcoat and resin to ensure durability and hygiene at all times.

The surface is extremely strong and resilient, no cheap plastic here, and has a complete wipe clean shiny surface without any ridges or joins and will never stain as these types of products tend to do when made with the wrong materials. They also come with a lip all the way around the rim which reduces the chance of urine flowing where it shouldn’t and to ensure they fit just right under any standard toilet seat. It really is a no brainer!


The Modesty Bung fits inside the back poop-chute part of the separator to hide the contents below. It is made from the base of the solids tank after it is cut off and so is slightly too big for the hole once the foam is added.

Just place it on a slight forward slant and you’re good to go 🙂

The ‘Modestly’ Bung is purely designed for this, to cover the view of the contents of the solids tank in your Compost Toilet when not in use. We recommend that it is always removed when urinating, and insist that it is always removed when doing a number 2 😉


All products may contain slight blemished due to each separator being hand made to order, however this will never affect the function of the product.

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