Do I need a Fan?

There is absolutely no need for a fan in a correctly managed composting toilet, with these loos simplicity is key. As long as you keep the solids tank as dry as possible and stay on top of emptying the urine bottle it’s easy peasy.

A long as you add something absorbent , e.g.large sawdust, to the tank after each ‘deposit’ there is no smell at all as long as the toilet is managed correctly. 

If you follow a few ‘good practice’ rules then there should never be a smell. We’ve found that the only advantage to a fan is air circulation to stop condensation build up inside, but all our toilets and kits come with at least one vent when is plenty enough air circulation.

Here’s what we advise customers for good practice:

In our lengthy experience, the best ‘cover’ materials to use are wooden cat litter pellets and small pet bedding or sawdust. 

Start by putting a compostable bag in your bucket…you don’t have to use one, you can just pour the contents straight into your secondary composting container (which is the place where the real magic will happen), but using bags just keeps it all a cleaner process, and means that you can lift it out when full, double bag and then transport it to your secondary container if it isn’t nearby to where the loo is being used.

Put a new compostable bag in your tank if using, then at the bottom put an inch of the wooden cat litter pellets…this acts as a biological sponge and will soak up extra moisture, and any urine that may get in there.

Then with every ‘deposit’, throw on a handful of the pet bedding or sawdust…it is best if you put dirty loo paper in a separate little bin lined with a paper bag to then bin or burn afterwards. You don’t have to do this, as toilet roll will compost too, but you will find your bag/tank will fill up much faster and you may get a few smells if the toilet roll blocks the sawdust etc being able to absorb and excess liquid.

We do have 1 or 2 predrilled 60mm holes on our built toilets and toilet kits which come with vents and these holes could be adapted for a fan if you decided you wanted one, I know a few people who have build their own using a computer fan, but honestly its just a waste of time and money. If you want to call and have a chat about any of this please do on 01756798818