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Original Fibreglass Vs New Design Roto-moulded Separator!! 
– Which one is for me?


Introducing our brand new design with the great features of our fibreglass original urine separator, but we now produce a version using rotomoulding (just the same way as our high quality and resilience Urine bottles and Solids Tanks) and also with the antibacterial *Steritouch built right in!


The New Design separator is extremely strong and resilient just like it’s original fibreglass sister, and still has a complete wipe clean surface without any ridges or joins, but it not quite as shiny. The original has more of a porcelain look to it, however we are able to produce and ship this new separator much quicker, (usually within 1-2 working days). They also come with a lip all the way around the rim which reduces the chance of urine flowing where it shouldn’t and to ensure they fit just right under any standard toilet seat.


*SteriTouch is a registered trademark of Radical Materials Ltd

New Design Separator With Included Modesty Bung
Original Fibreglass Separator With Additional Modesty Bung

Do I need a Fan?

There is absolutely no need for a fan in a correctly managed composting toilet, with these loos

Why is there no smell?

Most toilet systems mix the pee and poo together creating a dangerous sewage gloop. Bacteria that thrive

Do they smell?

Simply put, no, and certainly less that cassette or tank (pump-out) toilet.  A well-managed compost toilet should
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