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3 x 23L Solids Tanks combo, for the 3-box composting system

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This is for those intending to compost with a three bucket system. This involves transferring the contents of the toilet bucket into another (never letting the toilet bucket get more than half full before transferring) where you can regularly mix a couple of times a week, adding more wood shavings where needed and giving it time to start the composting process.

This really isn’t an unpleasant job. Many are very surprised at how inoffensive a bucket of dry poo and wood shavings can be. There is a real sense of achievement once you see it start to look like compost.

Composting buckets can be stored on the roofs of boats, or in engine bays.

A good sealed lid is needed, and because there should be no smell you can even store under beds if there is available space there.By the time the 3rd bucket is full, then the first one should be composted down enough to then bag in compostable bags in smallish quantities. (The volume goes down as it composts) This can then be safely disposed of or used for your own growing needs. (Up until recently bagging and binning in compostable bags and putting them into CaRT bins was an option.

We always advised that if this was the only option that it should be done in very small amounts (5kg) and always double bagged. It appears that this may not be an option for the foreseeable future, and discussions need to be had with the trust about providing some alternative bins for compost, because enough facilities are not available for the growing boating community in the urban areas for cassette and pump out toilets that are in use at the moment.)

These  Solids Tank, for Compost Toilets for Boats and off-grid living, are made of a special Anti-Bacterial plastic with Steritouch built in that is (mostly) non-stick and contains a non-staining and long-lasting antibacterial additive. Perfect for your very own composting system!

Each single solids tank measures 34x34x34cm with lid on.

Weight 6 kg

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