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The Strumpet and Trollop ‘For Your Dirty Deeds’ Gift Box

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The Strumpet and Trollop gift box to help you get started on your composting journey (A great idea for a unique gift for boaters or off-grid dwellers, or just to treat yourself).

The included gift box includes:

  • 1 Rolls of compostable bags
  • 2 Toilet rolls to get you started (It is recommended to you put dirty loo paper in a separate little bin lined with a paper bag and to bin or burn later)
  • Cat litter pellets to line the bottom of your bag in your solids tank
  • A generous heap of pet bedding. Throw on a handful after every ‘deposit’
  • A microcloth to wipe down any condensation from the tray and splashguard between bottle and tank changes
  • Some sexy pink gloves to make the job a bit more glamorous
Weight 3 kg

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