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The Two-Stained Little Floozy

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Our ‘Little Floozy’ models are (probably) the smallest separating composting toilet in the world! Ideal for those of you who are really struggling for space… she is the perfect small van/boat loo.This pre-build and stained product is the perfect compact compost toilet for a narrow-boat, caravan, campervan or other off-grid setting where you can’t run urine into a soakaway pit. Beautifully stained and gelcoat waterproofed on the inside, this toilet is everything you need!She has the best durable, antibacterial diverter and bucket on the market … along with complete gelcoat coverage on the inside making her entirely waterproof.

All our separators are made with an anti-bacterial gel-coat, resin and fibreglass mix of our own creation, to ensure durability and hygiene at all times. This method and technique has been perfected by us, over years of experimentation, experience and hard work. The surface is extremely strong and resilient, has a complete wipe clean shiny surface without any heavy ridges or joins, and won’t stain as these types of products often do.

Toilet Specifications:300mm (W) x 460mm (L-front to back) x 440mm (H). Solids Tank Capacity: 23L Urine Tank Capacity: 4.4L

Weight 14 kg

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